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Learn How to Trim a Tree without Killing It

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If you trim your tree incorrectly, there are high chances for it to die. This can be caused by, making an incorrect chop, pruning too much off the top, or doing it at the wrong time. This can be prevented if you have the right acknowledged before you start trimming your trees. One way of avoiding this mistake is that you should not chop off the top. Pruning the crown or trimming all the leaves at the top of the tree are some of these mistakes that lead to killing a tree. This is also called topping. It first disfigures the tree, then weakens the support structure and the branches which then results in a dead tree. Waiting for the right time to trim your tree is another critical thing to ensure that it does not die in the process. There is the right or the wrong time to prune a tree depending on its condition or species. See more here!

Having this knowledge with you is very important because if you trim your tree at the wrong time, it might end up dying. Some tree species are best pruned in the spring, some in the summer, and others in the fall. The condition of your tree is another thing that can determine the right time for pruning the tree. These conditions can either be fungus or bug infection, or a storm that left your tree stressed. Therefore, you should not prune your tree if it is in such a condition. It is also essential to have it inspected by a professional before you can trim it. Another way of trimming your tree without killing it is by cutting it in an orderly manner. Making these improper cuts near the trunk gets lead of the branch collar which is responsible for healing the tree after it has been cut. Discover more here:

If you completely cut this area, it could be infected by pests or other diseases hence killing the tree. If you are not careful when cutting the branches, you might also end up tearing the bark which will expose your tree to diseases and pests eventually kill it. Over-trimming is another way that can ruin your trees. Generally, you are not supposed to trim off more than twenty percent of grown tree foliage. You will end up killing the trees if you over trim then to make room for grass to grow. It is advisable that you completely remove some of the trees if you want to make room for other plants to grow. Overrunning will only kill them with time. Hiring a professional is another way that will ensure your tree is trimmed correctly as well as given proper care. Click here for more: